Our dogs are expected to cope with so much, yet never complain.

Sometimes, however, dogs, like us, can pull muscles or adopt unhealthy postures leading to muscles becoming tense. They also age, before we realise it, our energetic bouncey puppy has become a more sedate dog who suffers from aches and pains just like us older humans.

We also expect our dogs to go from relaxing around the home or car, to chasing around,. either for fun, or for sport. If their bodies are not prepared or cared for after these bouts of exercise, they can get problems with their bodies.  

Massage can be very beneficial to help in these circumstances as well as many others.

Dogs also suffer from stress, just like us, through our unintentional treatment or unavoidable life events. If these are not addressed, our dogs might try to communicate with us how they feel. We might misunderstand them or even ignore them, leading to more stress and even greater efforts to communicate. Sometimes the canine method of communication such as excessive barking, distruction of our property or ignoring our requests finally becomes unacceptable to us.

Behavioural therapy or healing can help to alleviate these reactions and create a happy, relaxed relationship between you and your dog.   

All treatments cost £35, (plus small charge of 40p per mile for mileage)